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What our patients have to say

After seeing a lower limb surgeon and receiving 3 months of unsuccessful physiotherapy for a leg injury I was referred to a spine specialist who, after an MRI, diagnosed my issue as a bulging disc and informed me I shouldn't run again. Surgery made it much worse and I struggled to walk as a result. The next option was further surgery which I desperately wanted to avoid. As a last ditch effort I went to PhysioArt to see Sarah. I hobbled into the first appointment a miserable wreck in a lot of pain and after one hour was simply able to get up and walk out normally! This from just talking! Beforehand I was faced with further surgery and that I would not run again (at age 33). After a few sessions I am now running perfectly with no pain.

Over ten years I have seen many sports therapists (in other countries also) and Sarah is something entirely different. She goes far beyond just physiotherapy into the latest scientifically proven Neuroscience and as a result is the best therapist you could possibly see. She has saved me from potentially dangerous surgery and a very unhappy life and the knowledge/advice given has had positive implications in many other areas. PhysioArt is the only place to go for any musculoskeletal problems.

Jonathan Winkler

Sarah and her colleagues at PhysioArt have been offering an independent Physiotherapy service alongside the University Medical Practice since August 2003. All of our doctors refer patients to Sarah and her colleagues and always get excellent feedback about the service they receive. Patients welcome their treatment being carefully planned and tailored to their needs.

University Medical Practice

Sarah provides a personalised and hands on approach to physiotherapy treatment and I have always received excellent feedback from patients I have referred to her. I am happy to recommend her and the PhysioArt team.

Dr Vinay Ketkar
Musculoskeletal Physician
Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

I decided to attend Physioart following a sports injury to my foot which left me unable to continue my physical activities. I was also in pain when putting any weight through my foot for over 6 weeks with no sign of improvement.

After receiving a few weeks of physiotherapy with Alan I noticed significant improvement to the injury site and was able to begin returning to my physical activities within 8 weeks.

The treatment I received was highly professional, informative and efficient. I felt confident in everything Alan explained to me, which helped to ease any worries I had related to my injury. Alan also encouraged me to be more positive about achieving a full recovery, which I have now done and am back to doing all the activities I was doing prior to injury.

I would definitely recommend Physioart to anyone suffering a sports injury and am really glad I made the decision to attend.

British Military Fitness

When I first came to see Sarah I was suffering from chronic back pain affecting every aspect of my life, I had also been told by my G.P. that I needed to see a spinal surgeon due a spinal abnormality. I was in a bad place both physically and emotionally. Sarah inspired trust and confidence in me from day one. She quickly assessed me and together we came up with a plan of action. Sarah clearly explained how stress and pain were linked and gradually gave me the strategies to deal with my back problem. Sarah never claimed she could "cure" me however she completely contained my anxieties and empowered me to deal with my physical problems (leg strength is the key for me).

Sarah is amazing value she told me she thought she would need to see me for 6 weeks and exactly 6 weeks later we had our last session together however I know I can email her at any time if I have a reoccurrence which is reassuring to know. Oh and by the way the spinal surgeon completely agreed with her plan of care for me and discharged me! Sarah I can't thank you enough!


After medical intervention for a lower back problem Physio Art was recommended to me by my Consultant .. I booked physio sessions and was appointed Gareth Stephens one of the resident physios, within a matter of weeks I saw and felt a massive improvement in my condition , everyone has remarked on how quickly I am returning to full physical ability. Gareth is not only concentrating on improving my physical ability but also my mental attitude to getting fit again , I can only put my recovery down to the approach that Gareth has. Physio Art has a very friendly atmosphere ,very helpful accommodating staff , I would seriously recommend Physio Art to anyone needing physiotherapy.

Mike Ellis

On meeting Surita you'll be immediately put at your ease. Surita's meticulous and thorough pre-massage examination, means that the massage is then precisely targeted to the areas of discomfort. Also, the advice I was given helps me manage the problem areas between appointments.

Although I am also receiving other professional advice for arthritis in some of my joints, the sports massages with Surita are giving me much relief. Thank You!


I'd attempted to ignore recurring sciatic pain for over 15 years but as time rolled on the condition worsened. Eventually it got so bad I booked an appointment at Physioart and literally hobbled in the Edgbaston clinic to see Surita Tank. She identified the problem immediately and set me a programme of stretching and exercises to alleviate the pain in my back. Unlike previous bouts of sciatica that lasted for up to three months, the pain subsided in a couple of weeks. Since then I have kept up the exercises and for the first time in years have felt in control of the condition rather than the other way around.


I first contacted Physioart on the recommendation of my podiatrist, Clive Heron, who had performed a gait analysis on me to help fin out what was wrong with my knee. The GP had diagnosed arthritis following an X-ray, but Sarah at Physioart very quickly discovered that I had sustained an injury to the medial ligament and so started a programme of exercises and massages. After just three sessions with Sarah at Physioart I was well on the road to recovery and Sarah suggested I might like to try some Pilates sessions with Kathy.


I had four one to one sessions with Kathy before joining her class of four. The difference has been amazing. Kathy is a really sympathetic, intelligent teacher who adapts the exercises according to your ability, just pushing you far enough so that you feel you have achieved a bit more each time. She really understands the philosophy of Pilates, that is not just about 'zip and hollow' but that there are elements of concentration and co-ordination to be mastered too. She's always bringing in new ideas and equipment for us to try, so her classes are varied and it keeps the interest up. She's got just the right amount of enthusiasm and empathy and I always feel so alive and flexible after her classes. I used to go and see an osteopath for my back every 8 weeks, but I haven't needed to since joining Kathy's class.

I had four one to one sessions with Kathy before joining her class of four. The difference has been amazing. Kathy is a really sympathetic, intelligent teacher who adapts the exercises according to your ability, just pushing you far enough so that you feel you have achieved a bit more each time. She really understands the philosophy of Pilates, that is not just about 'zip and hollow' but that there are elements of concentration and co-ordination to be mastered too. She's always bringing in new ideas and equipment for us to try, so her classes are varied and it keeps the interest up. She's got just the right amount of enthusiasm and empathy and I always feel so alive and flexible after her classes. I used to go and see an osteopath for my back every 8 weeks, but I haven't needed to since joining Kathy's class.

Best of all, before I started classes with Kathy I had pretty much resigned myself to having to stop doing agility with my dogs because I could not run or turn quickly anymore. It's only been about 6 months and I am back doing agility again and have even gone up a grade! I'm so grateful to Sarah for setting me back on track and to Kathy for helping me to keep it up; this would never have happened without the initial consultation.


Each week I look forward to the Pilates class taken by Kathy Lamb. Her calm and knowledgeable approach helps me to achieve the maximum benefit from each exercise. Should I or any of my class mates have any injury problems, she tailors the exercises so that we can make progress without doing any further damage. Since doing Pilates I have noticed the benefits to my health strength and posture. I cannot recommend Kathy's classes highly enough.

Pauline Eames

I was a county tennis player from the age of 9 playing multiple times a week, was a runner, trained frequently with weights and was generally very active. At age 22, during a weights session, I injured my right shoulder. I rested for a number of weeks but the injury did not get better. I saw two physios but they couldn't help. I was then referred to a shoulder surgeon who performed an arthroscopic operation to assess and treat the issue. Post-op physio lasted 6 months but the shoulder did not improve. I had two further operations - a Thermal Capsular Shrinkage which made it worse (followed by months of physio) and then Thermal Capsular Release surgery (followed by more physio). This didn't help either. I tried chiropractors, physios in other countries, had shoulder injections, multiple MRI's, bone scans, X-Rays, ultra sounds spending many thousands of pounds of my own money.

All three surgeons, after having reported no improvement, simply stated the shoulder was as good as it would ever get. Many years had passed at this point and I had not participated in any sport involving my shoulder since the issue began (even running was difficult) and I missed out on so many things that normally I would've done. Being in my twenties I was facing the rest of my life without any real sport which was devastating. The whole process was incredibly stressful and frustrating since no one ever diagnosed a problem and no scan ever showed anything of significance. I felt lost. After around 7 years of trying I couldn't take it anymore and so forced myself to accept it. In my eyes it had partly ruined my life since sport was all I wanted to do and I was never truly happy since. It darkened other areas of my life and created a negativity I hadn't possessed before. Once a year or so I would try a few very gentle exercises but the pain would become very strong very quickly so I would have to stop. Throughout the ordeal I could never fully accept that I had damaged myself so badly during a simple weights session that I could never again use my shoulder properly.

Then I met Sarah at PhysioArt. She turned all I knew and had experienced upside down. I was stunned when our first session (and many thereafter) consisted just of talking. No review of shoulder mobility, no stretches, no Therabands. I learned all about what pain really is and how the body responds to stress and how that, from a biological perspective, cranked up pain. All I ever wanted was for someone to tell me 'it's going to be ok.' Sarah confidently said this and could back it up with science. Armed with the knowledge that pain is perceived threat to the body and not an indication of damage I began with some gentle press ups. The familiar pain came on but this time I knew, despite 12 years of miserable repeated failures and loss of hope, that the next session would not falter like before. And so it was. After just a few weeks I am now regularly doing high numbers of full press ups and other upper body weights. Just holding my arm away from my body, opening doors, carrying bags in the past would've been totally avoided. Now it's almost like the whole nightmare had never happened. The pain is virtually at zero.

I had gone through a medical centred process rather than a patient centred one. No one ever asked me how this had affected me and how I felt. Sarah and I discussed this at length. It still shocks me to think that what I have recently learned about pain is not known by most medical practitioners. There's not a person whom I tell this story to that isn't knocked off their feet and how many people this applies to and can help. Who hasn't got some sort of long running ache or pain that won't shift? How many sore backs could be fixed with this knowledge? I think back to all those hours sitting in waiting rooms, seeing doctors, lying in MRI scanners, the stress and risk of multiple surgeries and the repeated heartbreak of knowing the latest attempt hadn't worked. And what finally saved me from the abyss was knowledge, understanding and changing my perspective.

Jonathan Winkler

Gareth's approach was unique to me - he really was able to develop my understanding of pain and how the body responds to a perceived threat. By understanding the background of pain management I was much better able to respond to flare-ups when they happened.

Suzie Lawes

I received treatment for a painful knee. This involved me being advised to practise specific exercises. I had two appointments and decided to cancel a third because I had recovered. I was treated with respect and consideration throughout. I have already recommended Physio Art to two people locally and have advised friends and relatives in other parts of the country to make appointments to see physiotherapists.

Anne 62 year old Teacher Trainer

'I am very keen on playing sport and PhysioArt is the first, and unless an operation is needed the only, place I go to if I get injured. I recently dislocated my collar bone from my shoulder requiring two operations. Starting from a point where I could not even use a toothbrush I have now recovered full movement and strength in the shoulder and am back competing at the same level as before the injury - I know I would not have recovered without the adivce and physio from the team. Sarah and the team are incredibly commited, naturally positive and a pleasure to be with. I trust PhysioArt completely and they have also provided great physio to my teenage boys when needed.

Simon Dighton
Finance Director
Aged 48'

“Sarah is an exceptional physiotherapist. If the problem is a short-term injury, she will quickly diagnose the problem and suggest an appropriate treatment, or give you exercises to work on that will make a difference. She will help you to quickly get back to full fitness. If on the other hand it's a chronic problem that's been dragging on for ages, she will work with you to find a solution."

"Let me give you three good reasons for why I rate her so highly:

  1. she is an extremely good listener, so she will not fit you into a standard pigeonhole.
  2. She has a very large toolkit of current, evidence-based techniques.
  3. She will encourage you to help yourself in making lasting improvements to your health."

"Sarah is inspiring and gifted. She can turn a treatment session turn from a nuisance into a real pleasure."

"I love the Physioart practice, which offers caring, practical support. It's pleasant, and efficient; the practice has offered me hope and a way forward."

Alexander (Age 62, retired university lecturer ).

Anthony has a naturally friendly personality, which immediately put me at ease. His professional approach gave me the confidence to believe that I would fully recover and would be able to participate in exercise very soon again. In fact he convinced me I’d be able to run the half marathon in no time!

Fiona; Lecturer, 42

"As a runner for over 30 years, I have been prone to injuries. I've seen physios before but I've never been entirely satisfied. The approach of Sarah and her team is very different to that which I had previously been exposed. Rather than just treat the injury, Sarah wants to identify the cause so as to prevent it's reoccurance. I know that when I come to see Sarah that she will not only get me back up and running but that I will have a strategy to prevent further injury. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. I've referred several friends and work colleagues to PhysioArt, and they report similar experiences to my own.

Barry Gardner (Teacher)

As a 'seasoned' tennis club member and very keen skier, last March I feared that a torn medial ligament in my right knee ( sustained in an airport arrivals lounge!), had brought my sporting lifestyle to an very abrupt and premature end.

However, after six months of physiotherapy and ultrasound treatment from Sarah, I have just returned from my second skiing holiday this year, and was able to ski for up to six hours every day, as well as now getting back to playing competitive match tennis twice a week.

Sarah has given me a new 'lease of life', and I cannot praise her highly enough for all of her skill and professionalism, in getting me back into shape.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who has suffered any physical/skeletal injury.

My wife has also used Sarah in the past, and I suspect and hope that we both now number amongst her greatest and many, advocates.!

Tony Edwards. Pavenham Drive, Edgbaston.'

I had been suffering with ‘a back’ for some time when a friend told me about Sarah; my friend had herself had Sarah recommended by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon – ‘Best back physio in the Midlands’. Since then I have been pleased to recommend a number of friends of my own, often after unsatisfactory experiences with other physios, and they have all found Sarah’s approach and skills extremely beneficial.

Sarah’s technical skills are of a very high order and are characterised by her meticulous attention to detail. ‘That’s good enough’ is not good enough for her and, having taken great pains to get to the root of a problem, she will then make sure that you get things absolutely right, to maximise the benefits and avoid doing further damage.

But as anyone who has coped with severe and/or chronic pain will know, the mental aspect is often more important than the physical. Sarah has an intuitive understanding of this dimension and pays great attention to dealing with it. My experience, and those of my friends, is that one comes away feeling not only physically better but also with an enhanced feeling of wellbeing and ability to cope. As one friend put it ‘I don’t know how she does it; but if she could bottle it, she’d make a fortune’.

Malcolm Everett, University Administrator, 61

I have been suffering from lower back pain for the last twenty years or so. I first saw Alan Rowland about two months ago after having him recommended to me. What a revelation! Alan has taught me to change every preconceived idea I had about my 'bad back' and with time shown me how to regain the flexibility that I had lost. Not only is my back feeling so much better but it has helped me with flexibility through my legs as well.

Alan, age 45. Chartered Surveyor

Sarah is a fun, patient and creative teacher. Always encouraging and when I leave her sessions I always feel as if her sparkle has rubbed off on me.'

Cat Morgans, Specialist Yoga Teacher, 36

I had suffered from chronic back pain for a number of years. As a result of this pain I had seen many professionals over the years such as Osteopaths and Chiropractors, but to no real avail. I contacted Sarah at PhysioArt about two years ago, because not only had my back pain started to increase, I had also developed pain in my right hip that basically prevented me from walking any

great distance. Sarah conducted her assessment and was able to inform me that my posture was pretty poor and that I had been overcompensating on one side, thus certain muscle groups were not working together as they should. This was the first time in all the treatment I had undergone in the past that someone actually conducted a thorough assessment of my difficulties. Sarah identified a plan of exercise and treatment that was to last a number of months with a view to overcoming and correcting these difficulties. Prior to seeing Sarah, the treatment I had received only seemed to work in the short term.

As treatment progressed it was not long before I noticed some improvement. The home exercise programme Sarah set out for me, along with regular sessions with Sarah helped me to correct my posture and strengthen or even wake up the muscles that the rest of my body was overcompensating for. After around 6 months of treatment the pain that prevented me from walking had gone. We then focused more on the chronic back pain that had been part of my life for many years. Again after a number of months this pain also alleviated. In the past I have been told by other professionals not to play tennis or go to the gym, thanks to Sarah at PhysioArt I can now use the gym without any problems and have joined a local tennis club and play social tennis on a regular basis.

The treatment I received from Sarah can only be described as life changing for me, which sounds a tad corny, but the pain I had been experiencing was really interfering in many aspects of my life. I found Sarah very easy to talk to and felt that her understanding and positive approach really helped to motivate me. I cannot fault the treatment received and would highly recommend PhysioArt to anyone who requires input from a highly experienced and skilled physiotherapist such as Sarah.

Dr C Morrell, Clinical Psychologist, 39

Dear Sarah, I just wanted to send an email to you and Anthony thanking you both so much for all the efforts you made with Noel. You both went to a lot of trouble and really helped get him back running . It was so useful that Anthony went out on the track with Noel and really helped him to identify what the mechanics of running were and what he needed to adjust. He has started running again with no ill effects and is really aware now of what he has to do. He was so delighted when he started running again and did 4/5 miles without any problem.

I was also hugely impressed that when we saw Clive, only the day after the session with Anthony, he had been fully briefed and knew what was needed with his new orthotics. A really big thank you to you both. After all, it was a pretty minor problem but , actually, for him really important. Thank you both again for superb service, expert diagnosis and treatment and for making every visit really very pleasant and positive.

Best wishes Michele and Noel

Michele Newman

I came to Physio Art in a terrible state with Chronic Pack Pain back in summer 2010. The key muscles groups in the pelvis and back had seized up and gone into dysfunction, meaning I’d lost most of my mobility for the past 5 months before. It’s very hard to describe the feeling of hopelessness and loss I felt as I believed I would never be able to do any of the ‘normal’ simple things life again like walk around a park, or swim in the ocean. I could not even walk to the end of my driveway without turning back in agony, nor could I sit comfortable, or lie in bed without intense chronic pain – it was extremely debilitating, distressing, and soul destroying.

At first I seen Sarah Duncton, who met me with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. She was brilliant and approachable, understandable, and sympathetic to my situation. She very much had a sense of magic about her, infecting me with her positivity and helping me to really change my thoughts about pain, allowing me to make a lot of progress over the months. Following the arrival of Gareth into her practise, we thought it might be beneficial to transfer to another physiotherapist which is usually what happens after long term treatment with one particular therapist, as another may have other recovery techniques to help me and that’s exactly what Gareth did. I was completely blown away by his knowledge on chronic back pain and his strategies to recover from it. Gareth had previously completed his masters on the subject as well as lecturing university students on it so he was incredibly talented in this area. Within a month of seeing Gareth I had come on leaps and bounds, I could finally bend again! Since seeing Gareth I’ve made an incredible recovery, and I can’t even begin to describe his dedication to getting patients better. He’s just a joy to see and most of physio sessions were therapeutic with lots of laughter so were a real treat as I started to feel so much better and achieve wonderful things.

I’m pleased to say that between Sarah and Gareth, they helped me overcome debilitating chronic pain and it is no longer part of my life. I do all the things now that I thought I would never do again, and life just continues to improve month by month for me. I will be forever grateful to Gareth and Sarah for everything they did for me. I can honestly say I would not be leading the life I am today without them, and I’ve since brought my mom to see Gareth for other treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Physio Art. If you want to make a speedy recovery from pain, don’t hesitate in booking up, you won’t look back either!

Marie C

Sarah and her team at Physioart could be described in one word "QUALITY".

I had suffered from a long term lower back problem for a number of years and had seen a number of specialists .One of the treatment options I had been given being a spinal fusion . This was something which I regarded as very much a last resort and I was referred to see Sarah and her team at Physioart. I have at various times seen Caroline,Gareth and Sarah all of whom have provided exceptional treatment and support.The one area in which I think they excel is the way in which they deal with the whole picture with there being far more to the healing process than just the hands on treatment and in particular the important aspect of educating you to mange and deal with the pain yourself .At times I have not been very good at this part but the support and advice given has been invaluable in helping me make progress .

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah and her team .and without doubt they are the "Rolls Royce" of the Physio world!

Nick .Director


Since attending the University of Birmingham, I have frequented PhysioArt, receiving excellent care from physiotherapists, Anthony and Gareth. This treatment was complemented with a weekly Pilate’s class run by Sarah.

After suffering with upper back pain and arm heaviness for a number of months, it was discovered, via an MRI scan, that I had an extra rib on my right side which was causing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I was informed that some cases could be solved through physiotherapy but others would result in a rib excision. Keen to avoid the operation, Sarah recommended meeting with Gareth to ask for advice.

After seeing numerous people regarding my condition, speaking to Gareth filled me with a sense of relief, and also, hope, that operation or not, he would help me to make a full recovery. It was a much-needed confidence boost as at age 21, I had almost given in to life-long chronic back pain.

In each session, Gareth worked with me to produce an individual exercise programme combined with hands-on physiotherapy, from which I saw positive results in just two weeks, with my pain levels lowering dramatically. Gareth would explain each exercise clearly, making sure that I understood the medical jargon (not always easy!) and the reasons behind the exercises. In addition, Gareth kept me informed about mental attitudes towards pain and the importance of keeping relaxed. I believe that it was this increased understanding of my condition and ‘perception’ of pain which really helped to achieve positive results. It reiterated the importance of exercising frequently.

Unfortunately, after numerous scans, it was found that, because of the extra rib, the TOS was only curable by having the operation. I had not wanted to go down this route, but despite this, Gareth helped me to make an informed decision. Even helping me compile a list of questions to ask the surgeon so I would be in control of what I was asking and would understand the responses.

I am now in recovery from the operation and Gareth has provided relief in answering my post-operative queries. I look forward to working with Gareth to make a full recovery!

I can't thank him enough for the help he has given me.


I would look forward to Sarah's weekly Pilates class with the knowledge that I would come out of the class with less back pain, more relaxed and ready to face the day. Sarah's physiotherapy knowledge was invaluable in the classes and is tailored to each person's needs, adjusting exercises where possible, and having an ability to fix unspoken aches.

Rebecca Peake-Sexton

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"Gareth is not only concentrating on improving my physical ability but also my mental attitude to getting fit again."
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