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Core Stability

We we talk about 'the core' people assume it is referring to a good set of abs, or a good six-pack. Actually, the abdominal muscles are a small part of the core. The core is actually an 'integrated cylinder' consisting of many different muscles including the diaphragm, the pelvic floor muscles, the deep and superficial gluteal muscles, the abdominal muscles and the deep and superficial back muscles. When these muscles work together in harmony, they support the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle, and allow a solid platform from which we can create powerful movements.

Core Stability training has become very fashionable and there are many Core training programmes accessible via the internet and from personal trainers and gym instructors. Care must be taken however that Core training isn't taken out of it's original context but sadly this is something we see time after time. Patients come to us with back pain, who have been doing core strengthening programmes, who have 'over braced' their core muscles and created increased stiffness and soreness in their backs - the very symptoms they were trying to overcome.

Individualised assessment and education is the absolute key to normalising trunk movements, and achieving healthy, controlled, fearless, fluid, pain free spinal movement. This is what we physios specialise in, there's a lot to it, but it's completely do-able. And once you have learnt to use your trunk more effectively you can put that into your Pilates, Circuit training, Kettlebells training, Swiss ball work, home based floor exercise or even swimming or dog walking. Whatever floats your boat.

At Physio Art we are keen to get to the root of the problem, so your initial session will involve a physiotherapy assessment, from this we will design and discuss a treatment and rehabilitation plan with you..

To arrange an appointment or to speak to a physiotherapist, call us on 0121 687 3079 or email admin@physioart.co.uk


Edgbaston Priory & Aston University

We now have a clinic at Edgbaston Priory Club all day on Tuesdays and on Wednesday mornings, and at Aston University on a Thursday morning. Please click on the links below for details of these locations.

  • Edgbaston Priory
  • Aston Sport


"Sarah is a fun, patient and creative teacher. Always encouraging and when I leave her sessions I always feel as if her sparkle has rubbed off on me."

Relationships we've built

Over the years we have built up a relationship and mutual respect with various organisations. We also offer discount rates for some of these clubs.

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