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Knowledge is Power

1. Prof Peter O'Sullivan and Core Stability - April 2012

2. The single most important thing you can do for your stress

3. 23 and a half hours:

4. Undertanding pain:

5. Pain. Is it all just in your mind:

6. Challenging back pain beliefs:
Pain Myths

7. Sticky back beliefs:
Sticky back beliefs - WordPress

8. Drug cabinet in our brains:

9. Pain in a nutshell and how graded exercise works:
Pain and Injury Physiotherapy Solutions

10. How to make your day harder:

11. Exercise is medicine!:
Exercise as a medicine for both health professionals and patients!

12. Persistent Pain Booklet:
Persistent Pain

13. Free Mindfulness Bodyscan:
Mindfulness and Pain

14. Pain Education website:

15. Pain Toolkit:

17. Bending your back to lift something is really quite ok...... honest...

18. Understanding Pain and Opiods

19. Hip and Knee Replacement

Do I need an MRI scan?

Persistent Pain

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Edgbaston Priory & Aston University

We now have a clinic at Edgbaston Priory Club all day on Tuesdays and on Wednesday mornings, and at Aston University on a Thursday morning. Please click on the links below for details of these locations.

  • Edgbaston Priory
  • Aston Sport


"Sarah is a fun, patient and creative teacher. Always encouraging and when I leave her sessions I always feel as if her sparkle has rubbed off on me."

Relationships we've built

Over the years we have built up a relationship and mutual respect with various organisations. We also offer discount rates for some of these clubs.

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