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Get fit after a Total Knee Replacement

17th November 2021

Rog is 78, and is looking forwards to his first ski trip in a while ……
He is also one year post left Total Knee Replacement, and seven years post right Total Knee Replacement. He ran marathons for 30 years, and now rides his road bike 80 miles a week. He’s also my Dad, and this Christmas, all being well, we will have three generations on the ski slopes!

He came for a rehab physio session this week at The Edgbaston Priory Club. His particular concern is whether he”ll be able to get up off the snow following a wipeout! So here we have him doing weighted low squats to work his quads and glutes, floor bridges to strengthen his calves and hamstrings, and walk lunges for his balance, co-ordination and general hip, knee and ankle strength.

Good rehab is the key to a successful outcome following joint replacement surgery!

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