Acute Low Back Pain

What is it?

Acute low back pain is pain felt in the lower back area, which can radiate into the buttock area and sometimes leg too. The pain can come on suddenly, after a sneeze or a fall or awkward movement, or it can come on over several days. It can be very very painful and scary and can be debilitating - making simple movements such as getting out of the chair or dressing very difficult.

The back is one of the strongest structures in the body, and it is rare to do any lasting damage to the back. Severe pain does’t always mean the back is damaged, it means it is sensitised.

What causes it?

Acute back pain is usually linked to minor sprains but which can actually be very painful. The brain can act like and amplifier - the more you worry and think about your back - the worse it can get.

What can we do for it?

Our team at Physio Art have seen a lot of people with acute back pain. We’ll work out a plan to help you help yourself. Relaxed movement will help your back pain settle, motion is like lotion for the back and the sooner you start to try and get back to normal the sooner the pain will settle. We can advise you about mobility and relaxation exercises and functional movement training. We can guide you back into normal activity and full functional fitness.

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