Neck pain

What is it?

Neck pain is the second most common condition we see and can affect people of all ages and levels of activity. It is pain felt around the neck which can radiate upwards in to the head or downwards towards the shoulder and sometimes into the arm.

What causes it?

Very often sustained poor postures can put stress on the small joints of the neck, as well as causing fatigue and tightness in the muscles that hold the head on the neck, and the muscles that hold the spine upright and shoulder blades in the right position. 

Repeating movements that are stressful for the spine can cause neck pain, such as repeatedly lifting objects with poor technique, or always carrying heavy bags just on one side or holding the phone between your shoulder and ear. 

Other factors such as not getting good sleep, or having lots of stress in your life can affect neck pain, or not getting enough exercise.

What can we do for it?

There is a lot we can do for it! We will do a thorough assessment to try and identify the factors that are contributing to your neck pain. We can look at your posture, and give you help on how you might improve it, as well as give you top tips around your work station set up or techniques with lifting/carryng.

We use lots of hands-on therapy for neck pain. Nothing beats a really good deep tissue massage or some acupuncture to reduce muscle tension. The aim of the game is to get you moving better, so the stress on the structures of the neck that have become sensitive is relieved. 

We often teach exercises to help maintain good postures, or to help with general flexibility or strengthening, and also advise you on more generalised exercise programmes too.

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