Patellar Tendonopathy

What is it?

The patellar tendon sits at the front of the knee, connecting the knee cap to the lower leg, so that when the thigh muscles (Quadriceps) contract, the leg straightens.

This tendon is therefore subjected to stress and strain all day long as we load it with our bodyweight when we squat, lunge, walk and run etc.

However, when the tendon is exposed to excessive strain/loading, the tendon tissue can react by becoming sensitive. Like an alarm signal to let us know we have over done it. In years gone by, clinicians thought that the tendon perhaps became inflamed; however, research now shows this not to be the case at all.

A big part of Physiotherapy, is therefore about rehabilitating the tendon in order to make it less sensitive to, and more tolerant of, loading. Whilst we may use various treatments to facilitate a speedy recovery, our main aim is to use rehabilitative exercises to strengthen the tendon and make it more tolerant of the stresses and strains of your lifestyle, so that you can get back to although the physical activities you enjoy.

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