What is it?

"Sciatica" is essentially an umbrella term for irritation/sensitisation of the sciatic nerve. Day to day, our nerves are exposed to various types of physical stimulation. They are compressed and released; they are stretched and relaxed; and, all day long, they slide up and down and side to side as we move and function.

What causes it?

Sometimes, if the sciatic nerve is exposed to an increased level of stress and strain, it reacts by becoming sensitive. Such over stimulation, can restrict blood flow through the nerve. The nerve reacts to this change in its environment by becoming inflamed and releasing chemicals known to make the tissue sensitive. Almost like an alarm signal.

What can we do for it?

Physiotherapy is very much about investigating what factors may have contributed to the development of this nerve sensitivity and working, with the patient, to help calm it down and return the patient to function.

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