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Physiotherapy in the workplace

Annual Statistics from the health & safety executive, report that 6.9 million working day were lost to work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) in 2018/19. Overall 29% of all working days lost to work related ill heath were accountable to WRMSDs

What are WRMSDs?

A work related musculoskeletal disorder can effect bones, muscles and soft tissues any where in the body, most common areas are the back (upper and lower), neck, knee, shoulder and elbow.

What causes WRMSDs?

They can develop in the work place as a result of physical tasks which may be part of the individuals daily work routine. They certain factors can be associated with WRMSDs including; fixed or constrained body positions, repetition of movement, the speed of work related activity that doesn’t provide adequate recovery between each movement.

How early access to physiotherapy can help?

Early access to physiotherapy can help to provide appropriate management on musculoskeletal pain and injury, with the aim of an early and safe return to work. For employees in work with WRMSDs access to physiotherapy can help by offering a functional work based assessment to provide advice on any appropriate adjustments that might be needed together with rehabilitation exercises and self-management advice.

Currently our Physiotherapists are working onsite at Amazon to provide onsite Physiotherapy assessment and treatment


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