Online Physiotherapy Consultation


Much of our evidence based physiotherapy interventions can be easily accessed and coached online or over the phone, we feel we are able to offer an excellent service without compromise.

We are able to offer consultations via WhatsApp video, skype, FaceTime, zoom or telephone.

Please let us know on booking which you would prefer.

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What to expect?

We will call you at the time of the appointment, introduce our self if it is your first session, and then ask for your verbal consent to continue with the physiotherapy session.

The beginning of the session will consist of a conversation, where you will be able to tell us details about the problem, you can talk freely during this time, and we may ask you specific questions or ask you to expand on certain points.

Once we both feel enough information has been exchanged, and we have a good idea of the problem we will move on to the more practical part of the session. This may now involve a change in position, and a moment to move and re-position the device you are using to talk to us so that we can see you clearly.

At this stage we may ask you to perform some specific movements, such as bending forwards, or lifting your arm up, or doing a squat. It will be important for us to see you as clearly as possible, so wearing shorts if we are looking at a leg problem, or wearing a vest top if it is a shoulder problem for example. We may ask you to put your finger on the part that hurts, so that we can be as accurate as possible in determining the problem.

Once we have worked out the problem, we will discuss this with you, and then move on to establishing a plan of action! This may include advice around exercise routines and other lifestyle factors, and may include a specific exercise prescription. At this point we may demonstrate some exercises to you, and it is important that you can see us clearly at this point.

We'll finish the session by planning a time for the next meet up, and giving you a chance to ask any questions.

We ask that you pay for your session in advance, via bank transfer, if that’s not possible, we can call you to arrange payment over the phone.

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