We treat a variety of conditions at Physio Art ranging from acute sprains to ongoing back pain. A physiotherapy session will typically involve the following;

We allow up to an hour for your first assessment*, this includes a full assessment and initial treatment too. The aim of this first session is for us to identify the exact nature of your injury or pain, work out the possible underlying causes, and then decide on a plan of action that is going to suit you and your lifestyle.

The assessment starts with a discussion so you can tell us about the history of your problem; it's behaviour presently and how it makes you feel.

We then do a physical assessment that usually involves having a look at your movement as well as doing some specific tests. People often like to bring shorts and vests tops for this. By the end of this first session we aim for you to fully understand your injury or pain so that you can start to take part in it's treatment.

(*45 min session for insurance)


Towards the end of the first session we will discuss with you the options regarding a management plan and then get started on your treatment. Often musculo-skeletal dysfunction, pain and injury occur as a result of problems with the way we move. Imbalances in the muscular system can put stress on the body, which then starts to cause pain.

Treatment may include;


The absolute last thing we want is for you to return 6 months later with the same injury.

Unfortunately injuries have a habit of recurring.

We are confident that we can provide you with a long term management programme, that will enable you to remain in control of your condition. We will take responsibility for making sure it is achievable. We also believe that if you understand why you need to comply with the programme you will be more likely to do it. We'll take responsibility for that too! Ultimately though it's down to you!

Let's not let these injuries re-occur. Together we'll crack it!

Who can benefit

Almost anyone can benefit from a physiotherapy assessment. We treat a wide range of ages and currently our youngest patient is 9 and our oldest is 85. Whether it be a shoulder niggle on the golf course, a sore knee after tennis, grumbling neck pain, or acute back pain we have the skills to assess, treat and manage your problem.

We see some people who don't have pain and who are just keen to improve their performance - either in the playing field or at work. Rather like taking your car for an MOT we can do a full body check to make sure everything is working as it should. This may help prevent pain from looming later on.

Our Professional Body

Our physiotherapists are registered with the regulatory body for physiotherapists: the Health Professions Council (or HPC). The HPC is an independent, UK-wide health regulator for thirteen different professions including physiotherapy.

We are also members of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is our professional, educational and trade union body. They support us in our quest of providing excellent patient care, by producing standards and guidelines for us to follow to ensure best practice at all times.

For more information please visit The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)

As Chartered Physiotherapists we guarantee that:

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