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Pilates is a fantastic system of exercise that uses the body as an integrated whole and is designed to create balance within the body, a balance between strength and stability with flexibility and fluidity. 

Pilates exercises require full concentration, in order to co-ordinate the breath with the flowing effortless movements. It's mindfulness through movement. Our Pilates students report huge benefits to not only their physical wellbeing, but their mental wellbeing also

Pilates at Physio Art

We have four Pilates teachers at Physio Art between them delivering 17 classes per week. Each teacher is slightly different bringing their own personality and experiences into the classes.

We teach Pilates on a one to one basis, a one to two basis, small groups of five and eight. There will never be more than eight in a class, we believe in order to truly benefit from Pilates people need to be taught and closely supervised. We usually recommend that people have a couple of one to one sessions initially, and then we can slot them in to an appropriate group.

Exercises usually take place on a mat or in standing and can include the use of equipment such as therabands, foam rollers and exercise balls (small and large).

If you are thinking of trying Pilates because you have had some pain or injury recently we usually recommend having an assessment from one of our physios first. A physiotherapy assessment can guide the Pilates teacher with regard to a targeted Pilates based exercise programme.

1:1 classes can be arranged at your convenience.

Clinical Pilates

This type of Pilates class is lead by a qualified Physiotherapist, and has many benefits especially if you have pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

Small class sizes

Class number are no more than 5 at Physio Art, this enables us to pay more attention to each individual and tailor the exercises to the correct level for you, knowing your medical and injury history.

Helps to prevent Injury

Especially for those training or taking part in high intensity sports, the classes can be tailored to help promote strength and flexibility in specific areas like our Pilates for runners class

Aids rehabilitation

Physiotherapists are experts in rehabilitation, so Clinical Pilates is a fantastic combination of expert skills in rehabilitation and Pilates knowledge. This enables us to tailor and modify your Pilates exercises in line with your rehabilitation goals.

Pilates for Runners and Cyclists

This is a slightly higher-level class with the emphasis being building strength in the muscles required for both running and cycling.

Expect plenty of glute, core and flexibility exercises.

Previous Pilates experience an advantage but not necessary, as we will cover the basics.

To read more about the benefits of Pilates for runners read our blog post here (link)

Online Pilates

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