Sports injuries

What is it?

We think we're pretty good at treating sports injuries at Physio Art. Between us all we have competed in road running, track athletics, cross country running, triathlon, Ironman, road cycling, football, rugby, hockey, martial arts, Pilates, Yoga, Cross Fit, and many more.

So we have all had our fair share of injuries, from the devastating acute ankle sprain or calf tear to the chronic achillies or ongoing grumbling shoulder pain.

We love treating sports injuries because we get to use all of our assessment and management skills.

Initial Assessment

This will be upto an hour* to enable us to gain an undertanding of your current problem, how it has happened and how its effecting you. We first start with a conversation to gather some information. We then carry out a physical assessment to look at your movements, strength and complete some specific tests (it’s a good idea to bring shorts / vest top for this). From there we can discuss the management plan and get you started with some treatment. From initial assessment and diagnosis, we can set out a plan of action with likely timeframes, and set rehab and training goals to get you back on the road, the pitch, the course, the bike or in the pool.

Follow – up sessions

Follow- up session can be arranged as appropriate depending on your condition and your goals. We know how frustrating injuries are too, and we can help keep your mind on the straight and narrow by keeping you positive and focused on the goal in hand.


We may say rest it, ice it, heat it, tape it, massage it, stretch it, strengthen it, acupuncture it, manipulate it, x-ray it. But it will be based on a thorough individualised assessment of you, your body, your biomechanics, your history, your training method and your thoughts.

If you have any sports injuries, grumbles, niggles or more, give us a call on 0121 257 6360.

*Insurance patients new assessment time 45mins.

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